Wednesday, May 19, 2004

So the hospital just sent me someone else's medical records.

Did I mention that the hospital just sent me someone else's medical records????!!!!!

I had ordered my own medical records for the road trip, and I went and picked them up myself. Today, my disclosure form arrived in the mail, followed by some guy's entire 88 page file. It has his social security number on the first page, and his diagnosis and all his test results and... it makes me a little sick just thinking that I looked at any of it. I called the privacy office, and the woman literally said "oh, fuck," and then told me to send them back to them.

Quite aside from the major, vast breach of privacy, how am I supposed to trust that they're competent to keep track of things like test results if they can't keep people's medical records straight?

Holy shit! At least she was distressed, right? Wow...
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