Wednesday, June 02, 2004

After a couple of weeks of steady blogging, I've come to the conclusion that the entire exercise is a little depressing. It's conclusive evidence, as if any were needed, that I'm actually not very interesting. I don't generally have novel thoughts on the great events of the day. I rarely make pithy and delightful observations about the mundane, yet somehow fascinating details of my everyday life. I can't really comment on what I'm reading, since I'm not reading much right now. I'm having trouble coming up with things to blog about.

And therefore, I will pretend that anyone cares what is going on in my life. I am slowly being weaned off steroids. My last steroid-addled day will be June 19. That gives me nearly three weeks to come up with a new blog name, which is good, since I'm drawing a blank. I will probably be starting a different drug almost immediately, but Methotrexate Nation doesn't sound nearly as good, and besides, methotrexate is not supposed to have the grim side effects that prednisone does. I am hoping that methotrexate will be something I take once a week, not an evil force that will take over my life, make me cranky and sleepless and ugly, and merit having my blog named after it. At any rate, feel free to offer suggestions for new names.

I just got a bill from the hospital for $1,821.20, and it only covers expenses incurred before April 1. I don't understand how anyone affords to get sick in this country, because I have insurance, and as chronic illnesses go, mine is pretty cheap. Add a couple of weeks of inpatient care, for instance, and you'd really have a recipe for financial disaster. And next time I hear some self-righteous politician yammering about how personal bankruptcy laws allow people to dodge their obligations, I'm going to Xerox and send him (because it is usually a him) my giant file of medical bills. I read somewhere that a huge number of personal bankruptcies are preceded by a medical emergency, and truth be told, if I weren't in a position to borrow money from my parents, I have no idea how I'd fund this little foray into the world of the sick. You can talk as much as you want about personal responsibility, but when you make as much as I do, there's no way you're going to be able to plan for an unexpected $2000 hit. And that's the hit I'm taking with insurance. If I were uninsured, as I assume many people in my income bracket are, I'd owe $10,000 at this point, and as I said, those are only the bills up to April 1. No amount of personal responsibility is going to make that kind of money magically materialize.

In other news, I am off to my brother's wedding tomorrow, and therefore will probably only be blogging sporadically, if at all. I'll be back on Tuesday, hopefully with something witty and profound to say.

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