Saturday, June 19, 2004

I am writing this in bed. I have taken to my bed because all of the forces of annoyingness have converged upon me. My roommate's mother has arrived for a two-week visit, which would be a little annoying no matter what, but which is more annoying than usual because she speaks no English and I speak no Hungarian and we can't communicate at all. I took my last dose of prednisone yesterday and have been informed by my doctor that I should expect to crash for a couple of days. And I just got my period. I am not sure which of these things is making me feel so damn weird, but I feel really out of sorts. I'm tempted just to stay in bed today.

As if any more evidence were needed that I am deeply pretentious, we have this disapproving article about Americans who use British idioms. Not only do I use almost all of the expressions in the article, but I was actually not aware that several of them were Britishisms. "Sell-by date" is British? So are "run up" and "at the end of the day"? I had no idea. I may be so affected that I can't keep track of my affectations.

Personally, I'm in favor of the promiscious exchange of idioms. I don't think anyone ever suffers for having too many words or expressions at her disposal. But that may just be because, at the end of the day, I am pretentious. I can deal with that.

Yay!!! No more evil prednisone!! I bet you're going to feel a whole lot better very quickly.

I read that article a couple of days ago and it annoyed me, too. I didn't know half those things were considered Britishisms. I did find myself saying a few things no one understood when I first moved to the US, such as asking someone to "ring me up" instead of "call me." But sell-by date? WTF??
I'm guilty as charged, too when it comes to my incorporation of Briticisms. I, however can trace this trend directly back to my love of Bridget Jones' Diary and Hugh Grant films. Oh, and cute British Indy films like The Full Monty, Waking Ned Divine and Billy Elliot. I was just as prone to incorporate Ozisms, too for awhile after watching Crocodile Dundee films and Muriel's Wedding. But Bridge, she's my gal. I try to use 'fuckwit' whenever possible :)
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