Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I have nothing very interesting to say, so I thought I'd link to this interview with James Hynes, whose Publish and Perish I got as a gift upon passing my oral exams. If you ever need to get a gift for a grad student who has passed her oral exams, this is a good choice. The book consists of three novellas, each of which is a funny, creepy, supernatural academic revenge fantasy. I'm positive one of my undergrad professors was the model for the protagonist of "99", which is a sure sign that it's a good satire. Of course, I might just be right: the guy I'm thinking of studied with Marshall Sahlins, whose theories about Captain Cook must have inspired the story. Anyway, I vaguely remember that the stories might not pass feminist muster, but they're so much fun when you're sick of academic pretensions and petty hierarchy that I think Hynes can be forgiven.

Wow, thanks for the recommendation. I'll certainly take a look at Hynes' work. I didn't know he lived in the Republic of South Austin (snicker). I guess I can't go stalk him, then, since I live in the Republic of NW Austin and seldom leave it! :)
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