Wednesday, June 30, 2004

I seem to get called for jury duty more than most people. I just got my third summons in a little over three years. This one is for criminal court, too, which is a little scary. I think I probably won't end up on a jury. If I were a prosecutor, I would probably not want me to be a juror. But I thought I wouldn't get on last time, and all they cared about what that I didn't have strong feelings about chiropractors. It was a stupid, small-time civil case involving a car accident, but I still agonize that we made the wrong decision.

Anyway, I find the idea of sending someone to prison extraordinarily stressful. I once met a public defender at a party, and she pointed out that the idea of sending someone to prison should be stressful. She said that there need to be more people on juries who realize how much is at stake, and that I should hope to be picked, not the other way around. Of course, she would say that, because she's a public defender.

Maybe I'll be on a jury where the case is open and shut and the person has done something really bad. Or maybe I won't get on a jury at all. I can hope, right?

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