Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Wow. Amp linked to my Stepford Wives rant, and all of a sudden people I don't know are reading my blog. Um, hi. Sorry about all the whining and spelling mistakes.

Speaking of whining, my inexplicable exhaustion problem has been explained. I'm anemic. Yay, me! Can I just trade my body in? I think I need an upgrade. Anyway, I have a nice little pamphlet about anemia, and I'm completely perplexed as to how any woman actually consumes the recommended daily allowance of iron. That's not true: I could do it if I were willing to subsist entirely on liver, garbonzo beans, and dried apricots. I do actually eat a lot of garbonzo beans and dried apricots, but not quite the quantities required to get sufficient iron. For instance, I would need to eat 30 dried apricots to get the RDA of iron. That's a lot of dried apricots.

Anyway, I'm going to surrender to my now-fully-explained exhaustion and go to bed. Tomorrow perhaps I will post about how I don't understand why anyone would read the Clinton book.

I'm anemic too. So much so that I have dizzy spells, blackouts and migraines. Hours of fun for all the family! It's lucky I love dried apricots. I can't remember whether you're a vegetarian, but if so, one of the best ways to get your iron is blackstrap molasses. That means making lots of gingerbread, if you're me!!
After thirteen years on prednisone, I was diagnosed with peripheral-tissue insenistivity to thyroxin and had to go on thyroid pills. From which I draw the lesson that, if you're suffering fatigue, you should make sure your TSH is checked. Apologies if you knew that already.

--Mr Ripley
Mmmm. Gingerbread. I can't complain about having a medical excuse to eat sweets.

13 years on prednisone! What a nightmare. I will ask my doctor about my thyroid. I think it's probably the anemia, though, because I was only on prednisone for three months. I've been off for five days, but I'm too lazy to come up with a new blog name.
Oh, you must keep the blog name. We do live in a puffy, bloated, immunosuppressed, decalcified, paranoid. mood-swingy nation, after all.

I was ultimately on prednisone for about twenty years, starting at age nine or ten. The thyroxin problems seem to persist (or recur). And it's hard to get taken seriously when you tell your boss that you've been giving a very low-energy class on accounta your thryroid's stopped working partway through the semester.

Can I make another recommendation, having read your blog all the way through? Then I'll stop, 'cause I'm starting to feel all pedagogical ("Pay attention, because there will be a quiz"). Upon reading your security guard and revolving door story, I thought that you might get into Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired: Living with Invisible Chronic Illness by Paul Donoghoe and Mary Siegel. Lots of stuff on adjusting to situations like that one.

--Mr Ripley (trust me, after twenty years of prednisone, you too would adopt the name of a famous fictional psychopath)
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