Thursday, July 22, 2004

I had my first tutoring session yesterday, and I still don't know what to think. The kid seems great and not at all like your stereotypical hothouse child, but I realize that hothouse children are trained to please grownups such as me. Maybe hothouse children are all smart, enthusiastic and funny. At any rate, I suspect that part of what I'm doing is glorified babysitting. J., the kid I'm tutoring, is too old for summer camp and too young to get a job. His parents work all day, and I think they're worried that he's sitting around the house. He's taking guitar and tennis lessons, as well as our little twice-weekly writing seminar. I'm happy to keep him occupied, and there's definitely stuff that I can teach him.

At any rate, we are not reading any documents from American history. He's currently reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X on his own, so if we need to address documents from American history, he can write about that.

Nah, I was a hothouse child, and I was a little horror. Your kid sounds like a sweetie, so count yourself lucky!
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