Monday, September 06, 2004

I'm still feeling nauseous, although I'm puking less, due perhaps to the fact that I haven't been eating much . Does dry-heaving count? (Sorry. That really was too much information.) Therefore, I plan to spend my Labor Day watching the What Not to Wear marathon, staying within range of a bathroom. I have to go to a departmental dinner tonight, and I'd really rather not call in sick, because I RSVPed, and I think they're sort of counting on me to come. It's a party for some visiting grad students, and there are supposed to be students from the department to welcome them. There are only three or four of us coming, and I think I'd be missed if I bailed. So I need to pull myself together so I can leave the apartment tonight.

To be honest, I'm getting mildly concerned about the puking. It occurs to me that it may not be autoimmune at all. Maybe I picked something up in Japan. It seems unlikely, because everyone says that the food there is really safe, but I was eating an awful lot of raw fish. And on one memorable occasion, I ate raw chicken. (I told myself I'd try everything, and I don't back down from a dare. We went to a chicken restaurant with a set menu, and it included chicken sashimi. So I ate some. And now I probably have salmonella.) If I'm still puking tomorrow, I may ditch the rheumatologist and call my internist.

I'm sure everyone finds this terribly exciting. Sorry.

so you're semi-obsessed (to a marathon-watching level, at least) with What Not To Wear, as well. that show is my great feminist sin.

i hope you feel better soon.
I love What Not To Wear. Actually, I have a thing for makeover shows in general. I know it's a serious feminist transgression, but most of my t.v. viewing habits fall into the feminist transgression category. I mean, I love The O.C., and it's hard to think of a more sexist program than that.
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