Wednesday, September 08, 2004

So I woke up this morning, still nauseous, but now with a bad headache and a low-grade fever. I called the internist yesterday, and the nurse said that I hadn't given the acid reflux pills enough time to work, and I should call back if I'm still nauseous in a week. Now I feel like I'll seem like a hypochondriac if I call again. But what if I do have some sort of food poisoning? Should acid reflux cause a fever? Even a low one?

I'm getting tired of this.

Oh, and after seeing The Amazing Race last night, I am desperate to go to New Zealand and participate in goofy and unnecessary extreme sports. I wanna go zorbing. I wanna go white water sledging. I wanna travel to pretty places and do exciting, slightly stupid, possibly life-threatening activities. Is that so much to ask?

I think you should zorb and white water sledge. Don't worry about the life-threatening thing - medical care is cheapish in NZ compared with the US. And you can crash with a bunch of my relatives in practically every small town there too. :)
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