Monday, September 27, 2004

You know those "I Had an Abortion" t-shirts? Well, they got me thinking about the t-shirts that I want to make. They'd say something along the lines of "I Have a Disease that Could Be Cured by Embryonic Stem Cell Research." We could have variants that would say "My Mother Has a Disease...", "My Brother Has a Disease...", "My Sister Died of a Disease...", and what have you. Because it pisses me off that people who oppose stem cell research wear the "pro-life" mantle, without confronting the lives that are shattered or lost because of diseases that stem cell research is meant to combat.

And yeah, embryonic stem cell research could come up with a cure for the Very Rare Condition, although it would probably only be as an offshoot of treatment for a more common and serious autoimmune condition, such as lupus. But my own worries aside, curing lupus seems to me like a good thing.

Really? I wonder if it could come up with a cure for my Moderately Rare Condition. I am insufficiently knowledgable about this sort of thing.
(Sofiya - couldn't be bothered signing in..)
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