Monday, October 04, 2004

I'm back from my brother's wedding. It was, all the snarking about my dress aside, really lovely. My brother and sister-in-law seem totally happy, the ceremony was short, the reception was fun, and only one person got so drunk that she puked all over the floor of the ladies' bathroom.

So I read in the paper today that pro-choice people can no longer speak at Catholic University. I don't mean that people can no longer give pro-choice speeches: I mean that pro-choice people can no longer speak on any subject. In this case, the person who has been banned is Stanley Tucci, who was going to give a talk as part of Washington's Italian film festival.

I realize that it's difficult for religious institutions to balance their spiritual and educational missions, but this seems pretty outrageous to me. Universities are supposed to be places that are open to the free exchange of ideas. Apparently, Catholic university thinks its students are too stupid or too morally fragile to stand being exposed to ideas with which the Church disagrees. Frankly, that reflects pretty badly on the institution and the people who attend it.

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