Tuesday, October 26, 2004

In boring health news, I am feeling mysteriously crappy today. I have the usual nausea/ odd stomach discomfort issues, but I'm also really lightheaded. I have that fade-to-black thing when I stand up, which I remember distinctly from being anorexic, but I've had plenty to eat today. I can never decide whether I should call the doctor about this kind of thing. On the one hand, it's conceivable that this could be the dread heart condition. On the other hand, I'm probably just dehydrated or something, and I'd feel like an idiot for bothering the doctor, whom I think already suspects I'm a loopy hypochondriac. Anyway, I'm definitely skipping grown-up swim team today.

Speaking of which, I am really liking the grown-up swim team, but I'm not crazy about the team aspect. For one thing, although I'm pretty comfortable with my body, all that standing around talking to near-strangers while wearing a swimsuit is a little freaky. But also, I just don't like to socialize while I exercise. "Find your exercise personality" quizes are a staple of a certain kind of woman's magazine, and I always end up being the "solitary exerciser." So I'm finding it a little annoying that, in the middle of swim practice, in between drills or whatever, people are constantly asking me what I study or whether I swam in high school. Dude, I just want to catch my breath and then go onto the next thing. Can we talk about this when we're both fully clothed?

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