Thursday, October 21, 2004

The point of linking to this article is not to bash "Kabbalah", enjoyable as that may be. It's to bash the British media. Did Missy Eliot really say that she became friends with Madonna while filming a "Gap advert"? Would British readers not understand what she meant if she said "ad," as I assume she did? It's as bad as when the American publishers of Harry Potter objected to "fortnight" because American children don't know what that means. I know we're two countries separated by a common language, but you'd think that we'd be able to make the simple, straightforward translations.

Incidentally, my friend M., the aforementioned rabbi's daughter and divinity school student, thinks that the allure of Kabbalah is that it makes no damn sense. She says that most religions require you to put in some effort, but since Kabbalah is totally incomprehensible, all you have to do is wear a red string, show up at the center, and maybe occasionally read some stuff that sounds like total gibberish to you. It's spirituality without work, which is attractive to lazy seekers.

So on Saturday I'm off to my friendly neighboring swing state to volunteer for Kerry. At least, I hope the residents of the neighboring swing state will be friendly: they may decide I'm a nosy interloper and call me rude names. But my dad was harassed by Hell's Angels while handing out leaflets for McGovern at the Connecticut State Fair, so I suppose it's a family tradition.

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