Monday, November 01, 2004

I'm getting exactly nothing done today. I'm too keyed up about the election. I think I'm going to give up, go home, and bake brownies for the GOTV operation. It's not illegal to bribe voters with brownies, is it? I figure that if people have to wait in long lines to vote, they are at least entitled to some of my famous Katherine Hepburn brownies.

(They really are famous. A few years ago, I accidentally dropped my paycheck in the commuter rail station a block away from me. The woman working the ticket window jumped through a lot of hoops to find me and get it back to me, and out of gratitude I made her a big plate of cookies and brownies. It turns out that she's friends with a guy in my building, and he mentions my brownies every time I see him. Last week, someone asked me if I was going to bring my famous brownies to the Halloween potluck the building has every year. And incidentally, I was a little depressed at how surprised and pleased the ticket lady was by my baked goods. She said that the conventional wisdom among people who work in the commuter rail is that good deeds done for customers just come back to bite you in the ass. She said I was the first person she'd done a favor for who had ever seemed grateful. Which stinks)

Anyway, I have a question about exit polls. A huge number of people, such as yours truly, have voted early this year. How are the exit polls going to take that into account? Are they just going to add the existing poll numbers of early voters to the exit poll numbers? Are early voter polls as reliable as exit polls? It seems to me that it's easier to get a good sample with exit polls: you just corner people as they're coming out. With early voters, you have all the problems with people not answering their phones and whatnot. Right?

I really want the damn election be over tomorrow. If they can't call it for a couple of days, I'm going to go totally insane.

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