Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Who knew? Entertainment Weekly has politics. It's just buried in the theater reviews, which I never read, since I don't go to the theater. About Guantanamo, EW writes "Guantanamo implicates the audience in the crime of indifference to a growing atrocity: the denial of basic human rights to prisoners of an international war." And about Mrs. Farnsworth, a play making fun of George W. Bush, they say "The humor tends toward the heavy-handed (Hey, Bush is dumb! Ha!), and carries an obvious expiration date: Election Day 2004."

God, I hope they're right. Please get out and vote, everyone. And then cross your fingers. I'm off to swing-state-apalooza. With any luck, when I post again it will be at the start of the post-Bush era.

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