Wednesday, December 15, 2004

So I've had the houseguest from hell for the past week. My former roommate, whom I like quite a bit, came to town for a week and decided to stay with me. For various reasons, including that she forgot to tell me she was coming before she showed up, this has been very annoying. But she has now left the country and claims that she won't be back until at least September, which is nice. And since her annoying nocturnal habits contributed to my insomnia, hopefully I'll be able to sleep now. I really like my former roommate, but she's kind of crazy.

Anyway, for various houseguest-related reasons, I wasn't able to watch the Amazing Race last night, so I recorded it and just watched it now. And I'm sort of not ok with the direction the show is taking. Actually, I'm really fucking furious. I watch the Amazing Race because it's the most entertaining, least sleazy reality show around, and also because it's serious travel porn. I do not watch it to get insight into the horrors of domestic violence. Jonathan and Victoria's relationship certainly seems abusive: if the guy berates her and raises his hand at her as she flinches in anticipation of a blow and shoves her in front of other people, on camera, can you imagine what he does when no one is around? As when the participant in The Real World drove drunk, the producers need to intervene. Otherwise, it looks like spousal abuse is just another plot development. So much for entertaining and non-sleazy.


I'm doing a story on people who have dealt with "houseguests from hell" and came across your blog while researching. I was wondering if you could email me back, so I could discuss your personal account with you. Thanks so much!

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