Monday, December 13, 2004

Well, I'm clearly a moron, because it didn't even occurr to me that Kerik's nannygate scandal might not be the real reason for his withdrawal. Ignore the post below. There hasn't been a change in gender ideology. It's not about how the Republicans are eliding homeland security and immigration considerations. It's just that hiring an undocumented immigrant is a less-embarassing reason to withdraw than all of the other sleazy things that Kerik has apparently done. Kind of like how Mary-Kate Olsen claimed to have been hospitalized for anorexia, when the rumors have it she was really in rehab for a coke habit. (Don't sue! They're just rumors! I don't know if they're true!) It's embarassing to be anorexic, but not as embarassing as being a raging cokehead.

Kerik was also on the Board of Directors for a company called Taser International, which sells stun guns to the U.S. government. This may or may not have been a bit of a conflict of interest for the guy who was also Commissioner of the Department of Corrections. Man, I love U.S. politics...
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