Saturday, February 26, 2005

Fun With Canes!

Last time I had vertigo, I held off on getting a cane. It just seemed like too much of a statement. Canes say "sick." Canes say "old." Canes say "disabled." But I am well past that this time, and I'm getting a cane. I am not going to fall on my ass again just because I'm in denial.

But I do want a hip, cute cane. Is that so damn much to ask? I want a cane that does not look like something that my grandmother would use. So I have been searching the internet for quirky, fashion-forward canes. And I'm not having much luck. I have found patriotic canes. I have found a cane in the shape of a pirate. I have found a cane that doubles as both a sword and a watch. But none of these appeals to me very much. Actually, that's a huge lie. The sword/watch/cane combo appeals to me immensely. But I can't justify spending three hundred dollars on a sword/watch/cane.

So where does a girl go to get a cool cane?

I have no idea where one finds a wonderful cane, but if you figure it out, please post, because I've been looking for a good long while.
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