Thursday, February 03, 2005

I was all set to write a fascinating, or at least vaguely coherent, post when I heard brakes squeeling and a big crash and saw flashing lights out my window, and then three minutes later a cop came and rang my bell to tell me that someone had crashed into my parked car. She, the crasher, is ok, she has insurance, and my car doesn't look too badly injured, so I guess it's not a big deal. But I'm now cold and tired and a bit frazzled, so I am not going to aim for fascinating or even coherent.

I'm just going to link to this awesome website about African-American migration, which I found via < In general, immigration historians have not paid much attention to the African diaspora, for a variety of reasons, none of them very good. Also, we tend to think about transnational migration and migration within countries as if they're two totally separate things, which makes sense if you're talking about the modern era but not so much if you're talking about anything before the 1920s (later for Caribbean immigrants), when a stricter regime of immigration control was put in place. That's all beginning to change, which is lovely, but if you're not an immigration historian of fairly recent vintage, chances are very good that you weren't taught much in school about African-American migration, especially voluntary international migration. This site discusses both voluntary and forced migration, and it looks at both international and internal migration streams. And it has lots of pictures and maps, which are very slow to load on my pathetic dial-up connection but which will probably be extremely fascinating to all of you lucky people with DSL. Yay!

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