Wednesday, February 09, 2005

It looks like one of my least favorite right-wing, misogynistic columnists, The Irish Times's resident nutcase Kevin Myers, has finally got himself in serious trouble. You see, he's trying to resurrect the term "bastard" to describe the children of unmarried couples. He also likes "MoB" or "mother of bastards" to describe the women who give birth to such children. In a country where about a third of children are born to unwed parents, and where within living memory women were terribly shamed for having children out of wedlock, this has not gone over well. Myers has been forced to offer an abject apology, which sadly you can't read without paying 80 euros for an Irish Times subscription. No word on whether he'll keep his job, although I'd be surprised if he didn't.

Ever since the Magdalene Sisters came out, I've found myself trying desperately to explain to people that Ireland really isn't like that anymore. That's not to say that Ireland is a feminist paradise, because clearly it's not. But Irish attitudes about sexuality are more complicated than people think. And to me, the outrage at Myers seems much more typical of contemporary Ireland than his attempts to stigmatize the children of unmarried parents.

Let's resurect (sp?) 'dickhead' as the term for dross like this guy.
Personally, I'd be satisfied with the much-less-pejorative "unemployed person."

He really is a creep. I think that, for the most part, people ignore him, but this seems to have struck a really raw nerve.
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