Thursday, March 10, 2005

Brief Medical Update

The good news is that the doctors conferred and decided that I should hold off on going back on prednisone, at least for a couple of weeks. If I do go back on, it will be at a lower dosage than last time, when I was on the highest dose that someone my size can take without checking into the hospital for an IV. The bad news is that they came to this decision because they had me do a bone scan, and I'm well on my way to osteoparosis. Prednisone thins the bones, for some reason, so in the future they're probably going to be a bit more careful about prescribing it to me.

I'm a little confused about why they didn't think about this last time, since I have every conceivable risk factor for osteoparosis, but apparently it just occurred to them on Monday that I should have my bone density checked. I've got to be more on top of this stuff. I should have asked them to do the bone scan a year ago.

Also, vertigo + sinus headache is a very odd sensation. So odd, in fact, that I'm at a loss to describe it.

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