Tuesday, March 01, 2005

It is my own damn fault for watching The View, but I just witnessed the following horrifying segue. They were discussing Michael Jackson, and Elisabeth (the young, vapid, reactionary one) changed the subject to The Bachelorette finale. And she said, "speaking of assault, I was assaulted by The Bachelorette I was raped of three hours of sleep."

Crap on a cracker. What on earth made her think that was in any way an acceptable thing to say? And did someone tie her down and force her to watch three hours of stupid reality television?

So far the frontrunner in the cane Olympics seems to be the ones made by the Cane Lady. I'm still not totally wild about them, though. They're awfully floral. Doesn't anyone make canes with lovely insects painted on them? My friend M. thinks I should get a cane that is painted to look like a candy cane.

I've only watched about 10 combined minutes of The View, but I seem to remember (because I wrote about it once in passing) a rape joke about the Kobe Byrant case, too, although I forget how it went or who said it, although I'd put my money on the older white woman who isn't Barbara Walters.
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