Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Weirdest Doctor Exchange of the Day

So today I had a conversation with an ophthamology resident that went like this:

Ophthamology Resident: Do you have a thyroid disorder?
Me: No.
OR: But you've been tested, right?
Me: Not that I know of. Should I have been?
OR: Yes, because of your bulging eyes.
Me: I have bulging eyes?
OR: [somewhat sheepishly] Well, yeah. Don't you?
Me: Um, I hadn't noticed. My eyes look pretty much the same as always.
OR: Oh, ok. You probably just have kind of bulge-y eyes.

WTF?! I am reasonably angst-ridden about many of my features and body parts, but I think I have perfectly lovely, not-at-all bulging eyes. If he'd mentioned my overbite, or my stumpy fingers, or my thick ankles, I would have to grudgingly admit that he had a point. But must he make a medical problem out of my one good feature?

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