Friday, April 15, 2005

Building a Better Pill Bottle

You know how sometimes you hear about a solution to a problem and then you realize that you hadn't even recognized that the problem was a problem in the first place? I'm not talking about invented, fake problems that you come to believe in because of the marketing genius of people who are great at making you feel inadequate. I'm talking about things that genuinely weren't working very well, only you were so used to them not working very well that you didn't realize they could be better.

Take prescription pill bottles. Of course they're confusing, hard to read, and easy to mix up with one another. It didn't even occur to me that they could be anything but. But a design student named Deborah Adler has invented a much less confusing pill bottle, and Target, the source of all things cheap and well-designed, is actually going to make them. Aren't they pretty? Isn't the drug's name big and clear?

I don't get drugs at Target, and I don't think I'm going to start. For one thing, it's inconvenient, and I like my neighborhood pharmacy. But it's awfully tempting to make the trek, given the pretty, pretty pill bottle.

via Amy's Robot

The new pill bottle is wonderful and I expect only a matter of time until it or something close will come to your favorite pharmacy. Personally I am so looking forward to it and to asking my pharmacy to make the change.
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