Sunday, April 10, 2005

So here's what my day has looked like:

At 7:00 AM, my alarm went off and I got out of bed, took a shower, and had breakfast.
At 7:45 I left the house, stopped to get some coffee, and made my way to the train station, where I got on a 8:15 train for Neighboring City.
At 10:15 I arrived in Neighboring City and got a cab to Neighboring University.
I arrived at Neighboring University at about 10:30.
From 10:30 until about 11:00, I tried to break a $5 bill so I could buy a copy card, since the copy card machine will only take $1 bills. I eventually bought coffee, but threw it away before I could drink most of it, because I couldn't afford waste any more time.
At 11:00, I settled down in front of a microfilm machine. I read and xeroxed microfilm until 2:00, at which point I got some lunch. At approximately 2:30 I returned to my microfilm machine and continued reading and xeroxing until about 5:30.
At 6:00 I got another cab back to the train station. The restaurant at the train station was closed, so I bought some trail mix and a bag of Skittles for dinner. I got on the 6:40 train from Neighboring City.
At approximately 9:00 I arrived at home.

I'm really tired. And I've been putting in far too many 13-hour-days lately. I need to hurry up and write the dissertation already.

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