Saturday, April 16, 2005

Tonight I am supposed to be writing the first chapter of my dissertation. (I don't mean that it will actually be chapter 1. But it is the first chapter that I have tried to write.) So far, I have done the following things. I have walked to the library and collected all my xeroxes and notes from my locker. I have walked to the grocery store and procured supplies (which is to say gummi bears and hard candy.) I have checked my email at least 50 times. I have opened up a document, formatted it, and saved it. I have eaten all the gummi bears and half the hard candies.

I have not, however, written a single word.

I think I need more gummi bears.

hahahahah!!!! Are you me? This is exactly how I behave whenever I have to do something disagreeable and necessary. Only with me it isn't gummi bears, it's potato chips.
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