Thursday, June 16, 2005

I'm back from Toronto. I realize that I didn't mention that I was going to go to Toronto, but I did, and now I'm back. Toronto is a lovely city with truly excellent shopping, exceptional public transit, fab restaurants, and a lot of interesting, quirky little museums to visit. Toronto is also, however, home to a whole lot of panhandlers and other vaguely unsavory types hanging out on the street. I found this surprising, mostly because I assume that the reason that there are so many panhandlers in American cities is that our entire culture is a big mess. Canada seems like much less of a mess, and yet there are still drunken people staggering around at all times of the day. Of course, I was staying down the street from a substance abuse clinic, so I may have got a mistaken impression about this.

Anyway, if you're ever in Toronto, I recommend the textile museum. The shoe museum was not quite the thing of beauty that I expected it to be, but it is difficult to be anything but lauditory towards a museum devoted to shoes. Also, the gift shop at the shoe museum is pretty awesome.

Must go to bed now. Will try to be a better blogger tomorrow.

Welcome back. I've never seen anything cool in Toronto; I've only been there with the family in tow for the CNE and the like.
and today I find out that "half the smog in Toronto comes from the US"--I live directly across the lake from it so I can only imagine how healthy my area is...
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