Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hello. This is me, chiming in for my weekly check-in so that nobody will think I have died. Here's what's going on in my life.

1. So you know how I can't drive because I have vertigo? Well it turns out that while I have not been driving or paying much attention to the car, someone smashed the tiny window behind the back passanger-seat window, let him or herself into the car, and has been sleeping there. That's right: my car has become a de facto homeless shelter. I realized this yesterday when I looked at the car and saw that the window was smashed and the passanger-side seat pushed all the way back to make a nice little bed. Today I got my act together and got the window fixed. I actually feel kind of bad about displacing the creep who's been sleeping in my car. How crazy is that?

2. During the foray to the glass place, my friend and I went to our favorite Asian grocery. There are two truly wonderful things about the Asian grocery: home-made tofu and Japanese gummi candies. I have a new rule that I can only buy one package of Japanese gummi candies, because I seriously have no self-control where gummi is involved. I bought leechee flavored gummis today. They were gone in half an hour.

The plan for the tofu is to slice it up, marinate it in some soy sauce and ginger and maybe some fish sauce, and stir fry it with green beans, red peppers and cashews. But seriously, it's so good that I could eat it plain.

3. Um, that's all for now, because I really need to get some sleep. Will try to have more interesting things to say later. It may be a lost cause.

Your plight really touched home with me as I have had people sleep in cars I have owned in the past. Recently though somenone has been stealing parts from my car! First they took my passenger side mirror, and believe it or not the fool that I am did not lock one of my doors which gave them free run of my car and among other things they have managed to steal my radiator cap! Good Blog, I will visit again.
You write quite well- entertaining blog!

Japanese gummi candies are nice- just watch out for the shrimp flavored ones.

Don't know how you can handle fish sauce-- my gf is vietnamese, she loves it. but she cannot convert me. I know & love some dishes that absolutely require it. but please keep me 100 miles from the kitchen when the bottle of concentrated stuff is opened.
*blushes/feels stupid* I never thought you died, I just kind of missed your blog, because its silence ensured that there was one less tool of procrastination in my life. I could zap the Phoenix thread if its existence bothers you - I'm a moderator now, so I could zap half the board in a fit of pique if I wanted to (cackles evilly in the manner of Wicked Witch of the West).
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