Friday, September 16, 2005

I have been a very, very bad blogger. I apologize profusely. My life is a bit nuts at the moment, and if something has to give, it's going to be the blog.

Here are the causes of the nuttiness:

1. I'm working 20 hours a week. This is a good thing, really, what with the money and being able to pay the rent and everything. But it's also taking away from valuable blogging time.

2. I'm still working on the dissertation.

3. My vertigo went away for about a month, and then it came back. Also, I've been having serious fatigue issues, so much so that I've made an appointment to go in next week and ask the doctor if I should get my heart checked out. I'm not having any of the other "your heart is about to explode! Panic!" symptoms, but better safe than sorry. So anyway, I have vertigo and I'm exhausted. It's hard to blog when you're simultaneously spinning and falling asleep!

But these are excuses. I've actually cooked up two posts in my head. I will see if I can summon up the time and/or energy to write them.

Well, you've earned your own thread at Phoenix. :) Glad you're still around.
It's good to see you back.
Oh thank god. Damn it, woman, you had me worried! I even asked a bunch of internet feminists if they knew whether you were OK. *sighs of relief*
Eek! It didn't even occur to me that people would be worried, because I, of course, know that I'm fine.

I will try to check in more regularly in the future!
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