Saturday, September 24, 2005

I have nothing to say about the whole "Kate Moss snorts coke!" mess that hasn't been said elsewhere, because the obvious points are, well, really obvious. (I should probably say, though, about the Salon article that, as someone who became anorexic well before "heroin chic," I'm a tad skeptical of the idea that Kate Moss causes anorexia. Kate Moss may cause girls to want to look like an anorexic, but you've got to be a special kind of crazy actually to pull it off. And I don't really believe that anorexia is a response to fashion trends. At the very least, if I hadn't lived in a society that encouraged anorexia, I would have found some other way to self-destruct.)

What I want to comment on is H&M's much-quoted dictate that models be "healthy, wholesome and sound." Am I the only one who finds that slogan a tad creepy? "Healthy" is a shitty thing to expect your employees to be. Is there something shameful about being sick? Should a business fire a competent employee who happens not to be healthy? "Wholesome" is a joke. For one thing, I don't really associate H&M with modesty-wear. I haven't been in H&M since I was in New York two summers ago, but I recall the clothes actually being a little trashy for my taste. And do most H&M shoppers really aim for "wholesome"? When I think of "wholesome" clothes, I think of baggy corduroy jumpers and floral turtlenecks: ugly, unflattering garments designed entirely to make grown women look like asexual little girls. Actually, in general I have a hard time coming up with a word with worse connotations for me than "wholesome." And I don't even really know what "sound" means.

Maybe it's a translation problem, and "wholesome" and "sound" are a bit less ridiculous in Swedish.

I think it's just an attempt to live up to the image Sweden has around the world.
Heh, once when i was really bored in H&M and pissed off by the predominance of lacy, crackly thongs over wearable knickers, i got a fake long hairpiece from the makeup bit and clipped it to the front of one of the said crappy thongs. You probably don't want to know me now. :)
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