Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Public Service Announcement

Apparently, it's normal for people with dry eyes to feel worst in the morning. Your eyes don't produce as many tears when you sleep, so when you wake up, they feel scratchy and painful. This is particularly a problem if you wake up an hour before your alarm is supposed to go off, and you're too tired to get out of bed and get your eye drops. This morning, this happened to me, and in an attempt to fully wake up and rouse myself to find the stupid drops, I turned on NPR. The first story I heard was an interview with a woman whose son recently died in Iraq. And then I was crying, and I didn't need my eye drops anymore. So if you have dry morning eyes, I recommend listening to the news. It's much cheaper than eye drops.

Maybe that's a possible new GOP slogan: "The Bush Administration: an effective force for ocular lubrication."

In other news, is it just me, or are Houston baseball fans particularly obnoxious? Maybe it's normal, because I don't usually watch baseball games from the very begining, but I was pretty horrified that they booed the White Sox players as they were being introduced. They booed completely fair calls, as if it were the ump's fault that their pitcher threw a ball rather than a strike. They booed good plays by the White Sox, not that there were too many of those last night. I may just be profoundly prejudiced against Texas, as well as against Barbara Bush, who was awfully conspicuous there in the stands, but they seemed to me to display especially crappy sportsmanship. Call me idealistic, but I think you should want your team to win because they play well, not because the other team plays badly or the umpire makes bad calls in your favor.

Probably any other fans, would be just as bad if their team were down 2 to 0, so maybe it is just that I have issues with Texas and Barbara fucking Bush.

I won't be able to watch the game tonight, which is a shame, because I really enjoy big sporting events. I think it's an extension of the same principal that makes me love Miss America and the Oscars. I like the kind of T.V. that you watch with friends and beer and pizza. I like events in which you can get invested but that have no real-world implications. It's like election night, but without all the angst about whether the world is going to end if the wrong person gets elected.

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