Thursday, October 27, 2005

Yes, actually, I did say my name was Rambling Rose

I'm in a random, rambling mood today.

I ate lunch in the student cafeteria today, and someone had left behind today’s Wall Street Journal. I should know better than to read the editorial page of the WSJ, but there it was, and I was bored, so I read a lovely editorial about Wal-mart. Apparently, the editors of the Journal are distressed because, as part of a blatant bid for better public relations, the head of Walmart has called on Congress to raise the minimum wage. The editorial claimed that the minimum wage is bad for workers and that Wal-mart is a monumental boon for poor people, since it offers them wonderful products at cheap prices and since it provides employment for the little people. Folks who oppose Wal-mart, according to the WSJ, really just hate the idea of big business, because there is nothing about Wal-mart’s business practices that can rightly be criticized. Wal-mart should stop worrying about P.R. and concentrate on providing the same excellent service that they always have.

I would link to the editorial, but the Journal hides its content behind a paid subscription, to prevent the mere hoi polloi from getting our hands on it and laughing in their faces.

What’s so distressing about the WSJ Wal-mart editorial is that it comes the day after the New York Times published a story about Walmart’s plans to drive down the costs of benefits by discriminating against sick people. The Times got their hands on a lovely memo that includes a lot of sneaky suggestions for lowering Wal-mart’s health insurance costs, which have gone up on account of everyone’s health insurance costs sky-rocketing. Some of the suggestions are familiar to anyone who has been paying attention: they’ll hire more part-timers, who aren’t eligible for benefits, for instance. But one suggestion is to keep “unhealthy” people from applying for jobs by making sure that every job requires manual labor. An expensive cripple might be able to staff a cash register, but he or she certainly couldn’t get on a ladder to stock shelves. The plan is that Wal-mart will be justified in not hiring sick or disabled people who can’t do jobs that have been designed to be undoable by sick or disabled people.

I’m sure the WSJ just thinks that’s a super-smart business practice.

In other news, I am such a super stereotypical Jew that I not only wondered if thuggish-looking Astros pinch hitter Lance Berkman was Jewish; I also googled him to find out. It turns out that not only is Berkman Jewish, but Brad Ausmus is also an M.O.T., making the Astros perhaps the most Jewish team in baseball. However, I am not a stereotypical enough Jew for that to make a dent in my hatred for them.

Speaking of things Jewish, Salon informs me that the Pope has thrown a party to celebrate the 40th anniversary of it not being cool for Catholics to hate Jews anymore. Yay, I guess. But the article contained this little tid-bit:

He said that in the future, he hoped that theological dialogue as well as everyday contacts between Christians and Jews would offer a "shared witness" to the promotion of human dignity, the sanctity of life, and the need to build a world of justice and peace.

I’m curious about whether the Vatican’s idea of dialogue includes acknowledging that Jews do not believe that fetuses fall in the category “human life.” This is a position on which Judaism is completely clear, and on which the most orthodox and most theologically-radical Jews agree. I suppose I think this is some kind of litmus test about whether they really want equal dialogue or whether this is just about the Vatican being a little sorry for 2000 years of anti-Jewish abuse, and Jews being deeply, deeply grateful that they’re not telling people we drink the blood of Christian babies anymore. I’m not exactly holding my breathe for the Vatican to recognize that there might be any validity to Jewish moral teachings. It’s always seemed to me that they want dialogue strictly on their terms.

As a MOT and Astros fan myself, I was excited to read about Lance Berkman and Brad Ausmus being Jewish. But, it looks like Google failed you. Although Brad Ausmus is a MOT, Lance Berkman is definitely not:
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